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If you want to find the best way to learn French online for free, you’ve come to the right place. There is an abundance of resources on the internet to learn French, and we've done the slogging for you! Here is a list of the best free ways to learn french online, including numbers, vocabulary, congugation, common phrases, and most importantly - structured lessons to bring you from beginner to fluent in the language.

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Learning French online needs structure
Best free online method to learn French
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Learning french online still needs structure

If you search the web for free sources of French language lessons, tutorials or French education, you will find a variety of sources that quite frankly are not very good. A lot of them simply have a list of phrases in English and the translations, and allow you to hear someone say the French version of the word. This of course works fine for memorization and hopefully you will be able to pick up a enough phrases to survive.

However, this seriously lacks structure in learning, and does not give you any sense that you are actually learning French in a way that you will eventually be fluent. You need to be on a clear path with clear goals and an easy to understand structure and teaching method.

But can you get all that for free? Typically learning French would be expensive, and cost about $500+. But thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can get it for free.

You can learn French online for free with Duolingo, a free service created and still being improved by university researchers/developers, language specialists, computer scientists, graphic artists, etc. I have used it for a while and am quite impressed at how well It works, and it is rather fun too.

The best solution to learn French online for free

A little bit about Duolingo and how it manages to be free. Well Duolingo offers a superb learning method, associating language with reality. As you complete basic French lessons you move on to learn more and more, building on what you’ve learned to far. They use modern and refreshing layouts and graphics to help in the French learning experience.

You can also learn Spanish on the site, and they will be expanding into more languages

Interestingly, as you translate things during the lessons and develop in your capabilities in French, you will eventually begin translating the internet itself. Articles in Wikipedia that were only in English can now start to be in other languages. It is by providing this sub-service to the Internet and with a touch of altruism that Duolingo can be free.

The site was actually produced in part by the same people that created the “reCaptcha" service for websites. Which by the way is helping to digitize old and knowledge-filled books.

So head to www.duolingo.com, learn French or Spanish for free on the internet, and help to translate the web, spread knowledge, and change the world!

More solutions to learn French for free online

Another option is to use a website such as Bonjour to learn specific phrases based on categories. They will show you the translation in writing and say it for you, and then you can repeat it back. A more traditional way to learn basic French that you can use on your travels. Their categories include: love and romance, courtesies, the alphabet, numbers, months, days, seasons, questions, finding your way, quantities, weather, time, greetings, Asking for help, banks, transportation, taxis, restaurants, touring, socializing.

Lsfrench is very similar to bonjour.com, but seems to have a more extensive list of categories and subcategories to choose from, with more phrases and select an listen to, and repeat back to them. They also have the option for you to record yourself when you say it back, so that you can listen to yourself and hear how well you sound, or if you need improvement. Again, not a structured way of learning french, but you can still self-learn this way through memorization, or pick up the few key phrases you want.

ielanguages offers extensive tools and tutorials for learning french online for free. You can choose from their multiple part tutorials, use a flashcard system, and choose common phrases to learn. Worth checking out since it does offer some structure to its teaching method, should you so choose to use it while you learn french online free.

Immigration Quebec
Interestingly, if you plan on moving to Quebec, Canada, you can get free online French lessons from the government classes. This also includes those that currently live in Quebec who have not completed much in the way of French language classes. So if you want some official Government of Quebec classes and you can convince them you live in Quebec, try out this website for free french classes online.

A simple website to learn french for free online, multiple categories of phrases and words to choose from. They say the phrase and you can repeat. A simple guide designed for someone going travelling.

A traditionally structured french learning site. (Warning, this site only works with Internet Explorer, otherwise you will receive warning messages written in German, oddly enough). It may remind you of lessons you took in high school, if you took French in school. Learn how French sounds, how it is conjugated, grammar, adjectives, nouns, etc. Multiple chapters and lessons to teach you a more thorough understanding of the French language. This would be useful for anyone that wants to learn french for free more thoroughly.

A simple site of essential French words and phrases, the alphabet, etc. Not very comprehensive, but put together by the BBC, so you may want to check out what free french lessons they have for you.

Multiple free french lessons to go over, including videos embedded for most of the lessons. Learn vocabulary by theme, conversations, verbs, grammar, expressions, etc. Helps you with tenses and conjugation, pronunciation and gives you practice questions for each lesson. Good way to learn french online free.

If you know another great way to learn french online for free that should be added here, please let everyone know in the comments, thanks!

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