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List of best sites to watch free streaming tv online

This is a comprehensive guide to all the best free streaming TV sites on the internet. Learn where to find free tv links and live tv streams, and how to use them without needing to fix a malware issue after every episode! Jump to the sections below to read more or go straight to the best sites below. If you know of a great free Live TV, or tv links site, or network tv site, post it in the comments.

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Watch free streaming TV from the networks

First of all, you can often find a lot of your favourite tv shows online at the official network website. Check this list for your favourite network, maybe your tv show is actually available on their site (Usually it will not be).


They won't always have the most recent episodes available, and they might block you from watching them if you don't live in the United States. If you are getting blocked, see my how to unblock anything article. Plus they might not have the older episodes available if you want to watch the show from the beginning. Check out more streaming tv options below.

More TV Streaming Websites

Hulu is the official provider for various networks and has lots of quality tv streaming selection.

Focused on cartoons not meant for kids, such as Family Guy, American Dad, Robot Chicken, etc.

Watch streaming classic television and movies on this site for free. If you like old tv-shows and movies, this site is for you.

You may know them for their movie reviews and info, but IMDB has a selection of full length TV show episodes as well.

Do you like South Park? Every episode embedded and streamed from this website.

Free Streaming Live TV

A huge selection of Live TV Streams embedded directly in the website, from countries around the world -currently includes 418 channels in the United States.

Streaming Live TV from various TV Networks embedded directly in the website, check it out and see if there are any of your favourites!

Find live internet-only TV stations and some live major network TV streams as well, do a search for your favourites and you might find them.

Tv-Links websites are usually kept up-to-date with user contributions, and user votes let others know which links work best. These sites allow users to provide links to the steaming videos uploaded to legitimate big business websites such as YouTube, Megavideo, Veoh, Google Video, etc. The problem is that when these videos get posted, they are often removed quickly, or are just hard to find. Tv links websites basically create a directory of links organized by tv-show, pointing to videos all over the web.

These are the best links sites out there currently, they generally function very well with working links, without malicious code or adult content:

Option 1: Project free TV
Option 2: Tv-Links

If you think I should add a great tv-links website, please let us know in the comments below!

Be cautious with free online tv-links websites

Offering links to free streaming TV is an obvious legal grey area, and shady characters are naturally drawn to grey places. So if you're not careful you may end up clicking on ads that bring you to sites with malicious code, trojan horses, malware, etc. Videos are often hosted on sites with lots of ads and pop up ads and there are some things you need to keep in mind before you start watching these videos.

1.You do not need that plugin, no matter how big or realistic the pop-up ad is. Do not download it. (it's an ad, possibly malware, adware, a trojan, etc)

2. You do not need that plugin, even if the video player says you need it.

3. If you do accidentally download something, don't open it - just delete it.

4. When beginning the videos, you will often be required to click on a "play now" link. This often makes a pop-up ad open - just close it, then click play again if needed.

5. Install a good antivirus program, such as Norton, McAfee, AVG (free), Kaspersky, etc before watching free streaming tv.

Final thoughts about watching online free streaming TV

You might ask yourselves, "Why don't all the tv networks just let me watch all of the episodes online whenever I want? I don't care if there are commercials." The reason you can't watch free online streaming videos from the networks whenever you want is because they want to make as much money off of you as possible, at as little cost as possible. They are big big business, and you are just a tiny digital statistic to them.

The way of the future is no doubt to bring in as much choice as possible to the consumer, to watch videos whenever they want, however they want. The flow of TV is already moving from rigid broadcast schedules to watch-as-you-want. Especially on the internet. TV networks are beginning to put their tv shows online for all to stream for free whenever they want. But not quick enough, and not all of it, and not for everyone.

The TV industry is old fashioned, but it is moving forward, very slowly, like a dinosaur in the tar pit, it can either evolve little speedy legs to escape and join the rest of the fast moving digital age, or it can die in the tar pit. I wouldn't really care either way.

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